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Virtual Learning Cohorts: A New Approach to ERG Leader Training and Certification

In the face of rampant burnout and rapid turnover, companies have to grapple with the decision to compensate ERG leaders. ERG leaders and executive sponsors drive employee acquisition, engagement, and retention across an organization’s workforce through strategic planning, budgeting, people management, and assessment. However, most employees aren’t trained how to leverage these skills before stepping into these leadership roles. They need additional training specific to the company’s priorities and support from peers taking on similar responsibilities to feel confident about the task ahead. ERG success is business success—the more you equip your employees to align ERG goals and KPIs with the overall business, the more successful your team will be. 
Seramount’s two-part ERG Leader certification trains employees and executive sponsors how to demonstrate the group’s impact and build influence as a leader in the organization. The twelve-week journey leverages insights from DEI experts, interactive learning modules, community check-ins, and asynchronous feedback to set leaders up for success. After making action plans for growing their ERGs, participants will be better equipped to advance their career and their employee group. 

Join this webinar to learn how the ERG Leader Learning Exchange can support your DEI goals:

  • Combat burnout and retain current ERG leaders looking for growth opportunities
  • Equip high potential talent to step into leadership roles with more confidence
  • Provide a learning lab for ERG leaders to craft their vision and personal brand
  • Build a multi-industry ERG community to maintain momentum in this volatile talent landscape

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Cowling-James-060622-2-circle.pngJames Cowling
Managing Director, Partner Development
Shyama Venkateswar
Senior Director, Learning