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Protecting Your DEI Budget: How to Maximize ROI of DEI Investments

There’s an uncertain market ahead and DEI budgets, resources, and teams are under the microscope. Yet failure to uphold DEI commitments has real and lasting consequences—from valuation and board expectations to brand equity, reputation, employee engagement, and retention.

Right now, it’s imperative to demonstrate how your DEI investments are linked to your organization’s ROI.

How are you structuring your DEI budget for maximum return? If your budget has already been cut, how should you allocate your remaining resources?

During this webinar, we’ll discuss these pressing questions and provide critical findings from Seramount’s Inclusion Index to help you answer them. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the state of DEI budgets over the last twelve months and tips to consider when setting your budget.

In this webinar, we will:
  • Look at Seramount’s Inclusion Index findings in detail
  • Provide insight into how senior leaders overcome budget constraints
  • Give step-by-step instructions for structuring your DEI budget
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Subha Barry

Nichelle Wash

Nichelle Wash

Associate Director, Diversity Best Practices