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Mitigating Barriers to Build Leaders Through Inclusive Succession Planning

Join us for an insightful webinar designed specifically for DEI and HR leaders who own driving inclusive practices within their organizations. This event is an opportunity to explore the critical intersection of diversity, equity, and succession planning. Our talent experts will share their insights, best practices, and practical strategies for incorporating diversity and inclusion into succession planning processes.

In this webinar, we will:
  • Delve into the importance of inclusive succession planning and its role in shaping a diverse and sustainable workforce.
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise in succession planning and how organizations can ensure an inclusive approach that promotes equal access to opportunities and fosters a culture where everyone can succeed.
  • Explore topics such as engaging all talent, mitigating bias in succession decisions, creating inclusive talent development pathways, and fostering a culture of belonging.
By attending this webinar, you will:
  • Be equipped with data that illustrates the benefits of inclusive succession planning, how it relates to broader DEI initiatives, and how it supports the long-term success and sustainability of organizations.
  • Learn steps to implement inclusive succession planning best practices in your workplace, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and engaged workforce.
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Megan Pierouchakos

Megan Pierouchakos

Senior Director, Advisory

Sarah Crump

Associate Director, Advisory

Angelica Thorns

Vice President, Global Billing & Collections
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