Executive Summary

Gen Z Decoded: New Data on How Your Youngest Employees Want to Experience Work

Since Gen Z entered the workforce, there has been a constant beat (often negative) of myths and stereotypes around their workplace reputation. Through our unique, anonymous research, we debunked the top five myths about Gen Z employees. Learn about what really drives this generation in their careers and what inspires their loyalty and engagement with your organization.

Explore the content to:

  • Understand the myths and realities behind Gen Z from an employer’s perspective
  • Uncover five truths about Gen Z that will help leaders create a better, more inclusive workplace for all employees
  • Learn about maximizing relationships with Gen Z

*The full report, available only to Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Collaborative members, details the numbers behind these insights, giving fact-based evidence for practical recommendations on how to recruit, engage, and retain Gen Z employees and maximize cross-generational communications. To learn more about membership, please contact us.
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