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From Polarization to Inclusion: Keep Your Workforce United in an Election Year

At a time when perspectives and voices seem to be more divergent than ever, the presidential election year will no doubt invite an extra layer of division and challenge in the workplace. This coming year will be turbulent, but it will also offer opportunities for growth, dialogue, and strengthening workplace relationships.
Join us for an enlightening webinar, tailored specifically for DEI and Talent leaders, where we’ll delve into the critical intersection of politics, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will share insights and tools to effectively navigate these polarizing times and foster an inclusive environment where every voice is valued, differences are celebrated, and conversations are respectful, regardless of political affiliation.

By joining this webinar, you will:
  • Explore how typical workplace DEI challenges become inflamed in a presidential election year, and how they can be reframed as an opportunity for unity.
  • Understand your role as a leader in setting the tone for respectful discourse so all employees feel safe and heard, despite differences.
  • Learn how to balance freedom of speech with the need for a respectful, inclusive environment.
  • Identify ways to leverage the election year as an opportunity to reinforce your organization’s commitment to DEI, and ultimately engage and retain your talent.
Register now to secure your spot and ensure that your organization remains a beacon of inclusivity and unity during this presidential election year. Together, let's pave the way for a more connected, diverse, and equitable workplace.
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Subha Barry

Katie Mooney

Katie Mooney

Managing Director
Leslie Patterson

Leslie Patterson 

EY Americas and US Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness Leader
Rosalind Hudnell

Rosalind Hudnell

Retired Vice President Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer