Insight Paper

Designing an Inclusive Employee Experience

A Framework to Bridge the Gap Between Employee Expectations and Workplace Reality

2023 has been dubbed “the year of disengagement” as studies show that 85 percent of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. If you are seeing problems show up in your survey data, you are not alone.

Actively listening and gathering both qualitative and quantitative feedback in a safe and anonymous space gives you critical insight on the needs of your employees. These insights develop a framework for organizational leaders to ensure that they are focusing their DEI priorities in the right areas for employees.

Download the insight paper to learn:
  • Why employee engagement survey data alone isn’t enough to drive meaningful change (and alternative solutions to consider)
  • Five truths your employee engagement surveys won’t tell you, as discovered by Seramount’s Employee Voice Sessions (EVS)
  • How to lead qualitative discussions that serve as a framework for effective, customized manager capacity training programs
Download the Insight Paper