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Unveiling 2023's Top DEI and Talent Practices

Join our exclusive webinar with Seramount's leading researchers, distilling insights from numerous surveys, insightful interviews, groundbreaking research reports, and compelling case studies.

The result? A concise, actionable roadmap to the top 5 high-impact DEI and Talent practices of 2023.

Dr. Michael Nicholson, a distinguished Seramount researcher, will be collaborating with Katie Mooney, Managing Director of DEI Advisory, to impart invaluable insights into the toolkits and mindsets of the world's most accomplished DEI and Talent leaders. This is your chance to engage in a thought-provoking discussion on the year's most potent strategies for promoting workplace inclusion during turbulent times.

By actively engaging in this webinar, you will:
  • Learn the top 5 strategies that high-performing DEI and talent leaders are implementing to demonstrate value, scale impact, and mitigate risk in a shifting landscape.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the year’s DEI and talent best practices across all aspects of the workplace, from local sponsorships to global inclusion.
  • Receive direct access to Seramount researchers, who will unveil the cutting-edge tactics that distinguished DEI and Talent organizations are utilizing to maintain their position at the forefront of innovation.

Don't miss this opportunity to chart a course toward excellence in DEI and Talent management, ensuring that you and your organization remain leaders in a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.
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Michael Nicholson

Michael Nicholson

Associate Director, Strategic Research
Katie Mooney

Katie Mooney

Managing Director of DEI Advisory